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We all know content is king and what's a great party without the receipts? During and after events we provide media services like live streams / photos / and edited videos. 

Content for marketing after the event?

Show investors the community engagement?

Live feed for a watch party to chat in with full VOD?

We've got you covered.



Our videographers can create an exciting and fun recap of the entire event. With fast and playful scene transitions to recreate the energy and good vibes, you can remarket and have post party content! 

Check out a few of our edits in the gallery.

Watch Now


A great way for showcasing the event to team members and the company that aren't able to jump in. We can provide a download of the full VOD as well for review and content.

Interviews, highlighting wearables, exploring the build. We will take a full in depth look at all your efforts while keeping the vibes high and entertaining! 


Everyone is after that "Social Media Moment."

We have photographers available to be on scene to catch all the action so your followers don't miss a beat. 

View more photos on Twitter.